Selected papers from the “Lakes & Reservoirs: Hot Spots and Topics in Limnology” will be published in open-access journal “Limnological Review”.

Submission deadline – 20th September 2019
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Limnological Review (LR) is a quarterly published by the Polish Limnological Society and provides an open, extensive, and important forum for the publication of original, peer-reviewed contributions in various disciplines of aquatic science. Several categories of contributions are published in the journal including research and review papers, reports and announcements. LR is devoted, but not limited, to the study of inland, both natural and manmade, water bodies. The goal of the journal is to keep records of the state-of-the-art studies of aquatic ecosystems and to promote limnology. The scope of the journal covers all aspects of freshwater environment studies, from lakes and rivers to wetlands, from physical and chemical to biological limnology.

Publication in Limnological Review is free of charge.