Selected papers from the “Lakes & Reservoirs: Hot Spots and Topics in Limnology” will be published in open-access journal “Water” (Impact Factor: 2.069; 5-Year Impact Factor: 2.250)

Submission deadline – 20th September 2019
Details here

Dear Colleagues,

The Organizing Committee agreed with Waters to call for a special issue related to the research presented during International Conference “Lakes & Reservoirs: Hot Spot and Topics in Limnology”. The submitted manuscript should focus on
– The impact of dam reservoirs and lakes on river water quality;
– The impact of various restoration methods on water bodies;
– The effect of water blooms, especially caused by cyanobateria;
– The impact of catchment use on the quality of water in small water bodies;
– Specific pollution of freshwater ecosystems;
– Contamination caused by stormwaters.